A Journey by frames “January’21”

M Aminur Rahman
4 min readFeb 1, 2021


With cheers, leaving the year everyone around the world will remember, unlike any other individual, welcomed 2021 with a lots of hope. Though 2020 blessed me with the best gift in my life, my firstborn, my son, “ সত্য ” yet a lot of hurdles were there to overcome to deliver a proper end to the year. How did the 1st month fared, let’s sink in!

My Most Favorite Photograph from January / 2021

As a photographer, being a regular was a topmost priority in the 1st month of 2021. Enjoyed two photowalks with my team members, the Sakrain one was quite the memorable as managed to make some interesting images.

Sakrian 1427 through my eyes

Embracing the street in a more regular manner is a priority as mentioned earlier, hence switched my street shooter from FUJIFILM France X100V to Fujifilmxindia XS10. Can’t wait to experience more with this magical piece of glass.

Winter Wedding season peaks in January. Though we’re still in a transitioning phase but managed to make some interesting images which I haven’t shot earlier. One memorable experience was shooting at the Mustard Field for the first time for the pre wed of Rafi & Munia.

For the first time took the assistance of Drone to compose a shot.

Recouped myself with a Fujifilm Instax Mini 10, now instant photographs on the go will be more merrier.

Another photowalk at the last week of the month fared with some more images.

What 2020 made me realise, it’s not too late to follow your passion. The most satisfying is to create, for me it’s a blessing. The goal is to click more, produce more photographs and make a memorable 2021 through my snaps.

Let’s see what February 2021 has in it’s pocket for me!

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