Are We Documenting?

Sacred duty being an artist? Well many may debate upon this but one thing or another the need to document. 2020 have not been the year we have planned. Well it started with so much positives but with the rapid rise of COVID-19 around the globe, we are in the midst of a pandemic. As of today close to 200K lives have been taken and 2.6 million people are affected worldwide. A salute to the healthcare and medicine professionals around the globe for their relentless effort to heal the world. Following the question rises again and again.

It has been 10 days I’m hosting a series of Social Media Live Events. To have a discussion with quarantined individuals / family, I came to know how they have pressed their creative button to ON. May it be the writer, Rashat Rahman Zico Bhai who have already written close to 40,000 words for his upcoming book to be released in 2021, May it be the acclaimed musician Zohad Reza Chowdhury of Nemesis, working on their new compositions and creating acoustic versions of their well acclaimed songs from home let’s create.

And the burning question asked again “ Are We Documenting? “

A Professional Photographer from Dhaka, Bangladesh loves to travel & capture peoples Portraits. #i_m_aminur_rahman is enlisted with #TeamCheckmate