Getting back to “ Work ” from “ Work From Home ”

M Aminur Rahman
3 min readAug 5, 2020


We’ve all been through this, what’s the new normal of 2020, work from home or back to office? That’s a debatable question yet but considering the working consequences everyone is embracing and after almost 5 months of a pandemic hit nation, no matter what it’s time to get back to work : on premises.

Well, COVID-19 have taught us some basic hygiene and self care measures, I’ve to make sure I don’t forget while I’m back to real world business. The goal is to keep the immune system up, mask on and keep the sanitizer handy, you’re locked well and good.

Saturday marks the official on campus / premises day for me to start regular office. just to let everyone know, I’ll be doing office in two separate locations due to my business nature. It’s a tough yet intriguing nature to fit in two different ecosystems I’ll be working with hence adequate preparations are to be made.

From the office end, we’ve taken the following measures

  • Disinfection from Sheba. xyz
  • Hand Sanitizer for everyone.
  • Mask is a must for every employee.
  • Temperature checking for all the incoming crowd in office.

Checkmate™ & Nomad Digital both opening doors for clients, well wishers, vendors and suppliers from Next Week. The “New Normal” will be a tough call for all of us but before the vaccine drops by, let’s ensure everyone’s safety. It’ll as a whole ensure public safety, lower the contamination and keep the virus at a check.

Our health is in our own hand, let’s make this happen. Let’s make Work at premises as safe as Work from Home.



M Aminur Rahman

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