How my Reading Challenge is faring?

M Aminur Rahman
3 min readFeb 23, 2020

Ever heard of goodreads? ( it helps if you are into books and trying to develop a reading habit. I got to know about this awesome site and app few years back but curse my social media addiction, reading was a lesser of a choice. Rewind back two and half years hence the reading habit has progressed as per following

As started the reading journey from September 2017 the goal was to read 3 books a month, it got ambitious in 2018 with 50 books target but failed measurably. 2019 was more of a continuous reading habit buildup year hence passed the 40 book target at a breeze by November. In 2019 the target is reset as per following,

  • A book a week


  • In every 5 days finish a book.

Considering we are on the brink of completing 55 days in 2020, already 11 books have finished. Quite on a run. In the following part the books I’ve finished in February 2020 will be short reviewed.

Month started with the world renowned book by OG Mandino. “The Greatest Salesman in the World is more of a philosophical book than tactical. It’s more of an inspiring nature than techniques. The scroll method described and refined in the later stages of the book will surely inspire people to become confident, self sufficient and develop better habits to enhance themselves.

Simon Sinek’s well acclaimed book as a paperback was my next read. Twice a week I visit my nephew in his school to pick him up. During that journey I continue my reading mania to achieve the targeted pages per day. This book focuses on WHY is more important than HOW. It’s a crucial theorem that helps companies to achieve their target underneath by following some simple methods of enhancing the WHY. A good read.

I am a fan of the infamous Robert T Kiosaki since I started reading his Rich Dad Poor Dad series. This book is more of a compilation of his Network Marketing theory. The ideology is a bit tricky but if can be followed, paired with hard work, success would be knocking at the door in no-time.

The next book is more of an average. No match to Brian Tracy’s Brilliance in his Time Management book. You can skip this title if you wish to.

The next book is one of my favourite inspirational series. These books are more of a paperback nature and can be read within an hour. This was my morning read for today and looking forward to the next series on Jeff Bezos.

These books are ordered from Waiting for this massive set to be delivered to me soon and excited to be journaling the progress of my reading in the coming day.

23.02.20, Dhaka.



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