My 31st: A Year in frames

Turning older, this simple phrase is enough to send spine chilling thought to anyone. Breaking the norm, I planned to enjoy the bumpy ride of life when I turned 30 two years earlier. Life is all about choices you make, something that makes sense today might not bear effective fruit later. Turning 31 a year earlier infused me with some new goals, it’s time to make the journey worthwhile.

August was all about the preparation. To live a great year, the necessary kickstart was already done. Time to set the bigger goals and the opportunities to shine into. I’ve set a primary goal 1.5 years back from August 2019 that I have to be in the frame of 80kg and bingo I nailed it in the birth month. Way to celebrate your 31st. 15 kilos down and there was I, celebrating life like never before.

September was about relishing the opportunity for a beautiful life. Visited friends and family as much as I can, making sure that the focus for “Larger Than Life” starts with cherishing the family and friends I have. It was a beautiful month. Travelled to Chittagong to attend the wedding of our office executive. Trained hard to regain the fitness I’ve achieved. It’s a continuous process, you do not stop. We bought beautiful Saregama India Ltd.Caravaan. We love to listen to it every day, a superb addition to our already amazing home. Collaborated with Biye Shamlao for interesting video content. Checkmate™ brand going strong.

October was a crucial month for the mission to progress. From Checkmate, we were honoured as “ Best Production House ” award from Ice Today by Bengal Foundation. A big leap for the Checkmate brand as we achieved the highest recognition in the “Wedding” sector in Bangladesh. I had to think about the rebranding of an already successful brand, the way we have produced contents up to now, time to work on the process.

By the time December jumped in, we had already sorted the office and ready to go Full Throttle. It was a great month of shoots and adrenaline rush. We also partnered with “ Rajshahi Royals ” of Bangladesh Premier League to become their official Photography Partner. Later on they have become the Champion of BBPL 2020. What a proud moment to be alive.

Leap Year month of 2020, February arrived with much fanfare. At the beginning of it, we’ve enjoyed the long-cherished wedding of Mirza Bhai. It was great to be a part of his family, he was there in thick and thin for the major portion of my life for the past few years. But apart from the enjoyments, the workload was everywhere as the season was coming to an end but post-production remains. We finally had a day out with Checkmate Team in Mid February at Tamim’s place. I’ve embraced the amazing Apple iPad as my primary computing machine for a day in day out works. I had to apply an immense change to my working pattern but was excited to work with the computing powerhouse. So far enjoyed the journey and looking forward to it. The month of love came up with “Ultimate Love”.

In March, I felt that a daily camera has become a necessity for now. I always wanted to carry a small camera with me. It was time to live the dream. Ordered FUJIFILM X100V. The month shattered the whole world with the worst-hit pandemic in 100 years. We were affected by Covid-19 Research and News. In my country, we registered the 1st case on 8th March and the 1st death on 18th March. Till date the world is suffering from the pandemic, 2 Million people affected and 750,000 people are dead worldwide. For the first time in life, I was into nationwide lockdown.

April & May were the months of cultivating hope. I was staying at my in-laws for the months and thought of working on the next big idea. Everything was at a standstill, for the 1st time in my life, I had to close down the business for 70 days straight. No orders were catered, we had to cut down salaries and was thinking of a lot of transitions. Life was tough, but the support of the family was immense. We often do not care how lucky we are until we lose them, but I’m forever grateful to my family for being the pillar of my life. During the pandemic days, the support was all I’d need to survive the toughest period in my career.

June was the toughest. We were already 2.5 months into the pandemic, and nothing was going as per plan. Everyone is uncertain and in a limbo where we’re actually going. It’s a genuinely tough time, and I had this depressing period for 45 days. I knocked here and there for work confirmation and due to the nature of pandemic, most of the answers came as a “No”. Finally launched “Headshot”. Not the way I wanted it to be but injected fresh fuel into my journey to be the “ Docu Maestro ” of Bangladesh. The newly formed entity serving as a strong wing of Checkmate. Long way to go champ!

Till now, my 31st, 2019 August 14 to 2020 August 13 is full of surprises and opportunities. It is one of the most important years of my life. Starting the year in a never forgetting fashion, getting awarded by the topmost recognition in Bangladesh, a stellar wedding season, in-office management of Checkmate was the way to end 2019. While 2020 presented with the toughest situation for the whole world, the goal was to make the best out of it. Starting my 365 Photo project, embracing a full-time photo companion, documenting the #StayHome pandemic, starting the live show in Facebook was just the beginning. You’ve to love what you do, the return is enormous. Launching “Headshot” the talk of the town corporate portfolio solution in Bangladesh, furnishing own website and becoming the Founder and CEO of Nomad Digital represents a whole new challenging year ahead.



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M Aminur Rahman

M Aminur Rahman

A Professional Photographer from Dhaka, Bangladesh loves to travel & capture peoples Portraits. #i_m_aminur_rahman is enlisted with #TeamCheckmate