Project 365 : How one & a half month fared

M Aminur Rahman
4 min readJul 31, 2020


Failed 4 times, 5th time lucky? Seems like that till now, still 320 days to go. What a ride it have been till now, the 365 project I always wanted to do, a dream coming true? How about a 45 day analysis then.

The idea re-generated in Feb 2020 when I got to know about the fantastic Fujifilm Print X100v. Wanted to own a super compact all rounder for quite some time but couldn’t get my requirements right, but a camera shouldn’t be just a furniture for a photographer right? Now it was time to get back to action as a daily snapper, the basics revisited, the passion reignited.

Ordered back in March 2020, due to COVID-19 pandemic, shipment delayed 3 months and grabbed the 1st Fujifilm X100v of Bangladesh in June 4th. Waited for 10 days to get accustomed with the setup and started the journey from june 14th.

The 1st photograph had to be her, the heartbeat of my life, Aroni. June might not be the best time to start a 365 as we’re heavily suffering with the worst hit worldwide pandemic but the belief was you have to start afresh no matter what. Waiting will only reduce the chances for completion, start and stick with it you’ll finish and success around the corner.

The method of production is pretty simple, all photos are from the amazing Fujifilm X100V, with the fixed 35mm, wonders are created, I’ve my Apple iPad Pro 11 inch always have my side to do the necessary retouch and upload at my IG stream. The following photos are snapped by my trusted iPhone XSMAX.

Life around me is usually interesting but stay home comes with limited opportunities, the 365 method focuses on the daily challenge completion I had to deal with, that 15 minute window to take out the camera, compose, process and upload in my IG stream (

In a world of destruction named “Social Media” The challenge was to make the best out of it. 365 project is a long way yo go for me yet but I’m not afraid to take up the challenge. 45 days have passed by let the remaining days come.

It’s time to snap and conquer. Shoot to your heart out.

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