Series I Binged : You Season Two by Netflix

M Aminur Rahman
3 min readJan 1, 2020

New year can’t be more better, making the best use of occasional holidays and slipped in to one of the favorite thriller, You by Netflix.

No Spoilers from Season 1 Checked in this Writeup. A bit of character discussions whom I meet through all 10 episodes.

Picked up from the ruins of Season 1, return of Candace (Played by Ambyr Childers) was an obvious. Her screen presence was lesser but built quite a tension throughout all the episodes she sipped in. Though not a personal favorite and felt more like a filler character, I am happy that her journey ended.

Not present at all apart from the memories of Beck (Played by Elizabeth Lail) was a sheer relief as her average acting and predictable dialogue delivery was monotonous.

Three new characters played their part quite well and one of them (The youngest one) might play a huge part in the upcoming season (Confirmed by Netflix). Starting with Forty (Played by James Scully) quickly builds up. Playing a rich brat with an unforgottable past, he seemed like the connected bridge between the two mains of Season 2. His unique approach to styling and acting was impressive throughout. His demise (SPOILER!!!) was a shocker in the last episode which was not at all expected. A loophole in the script as per my thoughts.

Delilah (Played by Carmela Zumbado) was a fresh intake in the LA Scenario. The natural beauty and spontaneous approach of the character in a side relationship buildup with Will (Joe!!!) was much expected and same as fate like Forty Quinn was the biggest shocker in the penultimate episode. Her connection with Hendy and her on / off romantic interest David Fincher (One heck of a common name in Series, same as Wayward Pines) spiced up her character but more screen time could have been given to her.

The show stopper among these three Ellie (Played by Jenna Ortega) sparked up in every scene she scored. Her confidence, breezing through the scenes were an instant hookup for the audience. Her connection among the new characters in season two helped the viewers to jet set in the LA environment and become an Angeleno throughout the episodes approached.

Not much to say about the friends of the new lead Love (My Favorite in Season two played by Victoria Pedretti) meant little in the overall scenario. Nothing much to talk about them.

Will Bettelheim / Joe Goldberg (Played by Penn Badgley) as always top notch like season 1. His narration is one of a kind which diminishes and instant boredom while he’s present on the screen. His analysis about characters and logic towards his deed (Misdeed!!) makes the audience belief in fractions that may be he is right. But in this season we experience it is Will / Joe who becomes “You” of Love Quinn.

The final twist in the narrative of You (Season Two) is none other than the female lead. From the first cut she steals the show. What a powerful and clever cast by Netflix. Already she was very good in the acclaimed horror series “The Haunting of Hill House” but in “You” she surpassed everyone. A big fan of Elizabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale), Victoria Pedretti’s acting style gave the message she’s here to rule the TV Scenario. The instant changes in facial expression, vocal chord varieties, being the owner of Anavrin, being the widow, from the caring one to the control freak, name anywhere in the show Love Quinn is the deal. Slowly but confidently she snapped Will Bettelheim’s thought and produced a masterpiece shot till the penultimate scene.

Overall You Season 2 excels Season 1 in every department. Though not a big fan of romantic thriller but You have become a regular watch for me

8/10 and a binge watch. Recommended.



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